WELS regulator concerned about non-compliant showers

Please find enclosed  information in relation to the WELS regulator who is concerned about the increased supply of non-compliant showers in the Australian Market from manufacturers overseas.  For more information please contact us.

Notice – Email – Flow Controllers – 20150504

Charged By The Meter

Water meters play an important role in determining how much Water is used by individual households; however, they can only do so if functioning correctly.
Water is a precious commodity; however, due to its accessibility in most areas, it is often taken for granted. Water meters are accountable for how much water we use and its […]

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PROVE WELS testing and WaterMark testing to Australian Standards and Technical Specifications

PROVE Standards & Engineering Pty Ltd provides both WELS testing and WaterMark testing to Australian Standards and Technical Specifications. PROVE have 10 years’ experience in WaterMark testing and WELS testing. Since its inception in 2005, WELS testing has revolutionised the water industry. The amount of water saved in Australia due to WELS (Water Efficiency […]

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Flow Controllers Explained

Flow controllers, flow restriction devices, FRDs, “annoying bits of plastic are said to muck up the shower pressure”… Whatever you want to call them; flow controllers have been a critical part of tap and shower design for many years, particularly since the introduction of the government initiated WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme) in 2005.
Statistics provided on the WELS […]

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The Wels Influence

WELS is Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, introduced to ensure water savings we’re made during extended drought periods. Terry Nguyen takes a look at where WELS is now that the drought has past and why it should remain.
The continuation of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme remains for Australians regardless of our current water storage situation. Factors […]

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Understanding The WaterMark Process

The WaterMark Scheme is the Australian approval process governing the certification requirements for plumbing and drainage products. The scheme was introduced and exists primarily as a safeguard to protect the community from health and safety risks associated with plumbing products and fixtures. For this reason the process is rigorous and utilises many Australian Standards which are designed and tailored for our specific and unique needs.
The simple flow […]

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New Additions To Our NATA Scope

PROVE Plumbing Laboratory has recently been endorsed from NATA to be able to perform a vast range of public testing after a lengthy process of auditing processes and  procedures to ISO 17025 and respective test standards and methods. This recent endorsement of testing for a range of plumbing products is Internationally recognised under a ILAC/MRA […]

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More Teflon Tape Please

When it comes to connecting brass fittings, a one-size-fits-all philosophy should be avoided.  Justin Felix speaks with Plumbing Product Test Engineer Frank Iapozzuto about thread problems and ways to correct the issues surrounding the topic.
Most plumbers would have found themselves applying copious amounts of Teflon tape to join brass connections at one point or […]

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Plumbing Pipe Types & Fittings Explained

Unbeknown to most, the vast, connected network of pipes, fittings and accessories all form part of your plumbing system. Everything from gas, sewer gas, water and waste from drains and gutters are all taken care of through the same system.
These same pipes are also responsible for delivering potable or drinking quality water to your […]

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PROVE Standards & Engineering

PROVE offers extensive services in the Accreditation of Plumbing Products to Australian and International Standards.
Our NATA endorsed plumbing laboratory offers professional and expert services in testing for WaterMark and Waterworks approval. The capabilities of the PROVE Plumbing Laboratory is vast with state of the art equipment offering an extensive range of flow rate, pressure, […]

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